Ecuador: Galapagos Voyage

’’’After visiting the boobies and iguanas, you can sip champagne or anything you desire aboard the all-inclusive Celebrity Xpedition. On this voyage, you’ll share Darwin’s wonder but not the Beagle’s spartan conditions.

A pink flamingo feeds in Baltra Island’s salty lagoon. During mating season, the lagoon becomes the scene of tightly choreographed courtship dance and a sea of pink heads.

Rarities and wonders abound in the Galapagos where celebration travelers meet the world’s oddest fauna. Galapagos iguanas, absorbing the sun’s heat, bask on rocky ledges undisturbed by curious stares.

Iguanas bask in peace on tranquil ledges. Once they were used for target practice by soldiers stationed in this remote outpost.

Giant tortoises, whose life span is twice that of humans, lumber from the sea. Finches, from whom Charles Darwin formulated the theory of evolution, nest and mate all about the islands.

Boobies are true acrobats and very amusing. At sea, cruise ship passengers can see them diving from the sky to catch fish. These long-winged sea birds come ashore to breed.

The Galapagos is home to three varieties including the blue-footed booby. Roughly the size of geese, boobies received their name by allowing themselves to be captured while asleep. They dive from cliffs, crashing into schools of fish.

Boobies are the oddest, most amusing sea birds to emerge from nature’s laboratory.

On board the Celebrity Xpedition, you’ll share the naturalist’s curious wonder but not this remote archipelago’s spartan conditions. The amenities and luxuries aboard this 90-passenger expedition ship attract a more pampered breed of adventurer.

After visiting the boobies and iguanas, you can sip champagne or anything you desire aboard this all-inclusive ship. Perhaps this is the evening to sit on the veranda wrapped in a Frette bathrobe and watch flamingos wade in the tide pools, silhouetted against a persimmon sunset.

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