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Celebration Traveler Magazine is for people dreaming of:

white-sand and a warm sea…
leisure time with a lover…
a train ride through pristine countryside…
immersion in a foreign culture…
five days at a fishing lodge with friends…
extravagant food and wine…
a life-changing experience…

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Celebration Trips. The featured articles are trips that transcend the ordinary, written for and by people on a quest for good times. Read about the best moments.

Day-by-day Guides. Each celebration trip comes with a complete, stand-alone travel guide with websites, phone numbers, google maps and important tips. We make it easy for you to take action. Click for:

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Season’s Best. We highlight the season’s top travel experience in a series of articles. The titles in the header turn bright red when you hover the mouse over them. The excerpts and images further down capture the essence of the travel experience. See Celebration Traveler’s Pick for winter. Click for:

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Founder Donna Peck has been a travel journalist for 25 years, much of that time covering special-occasion trips for couples, families and friends. She wants to hear from you. Please add comments about your travel experiences below each article. To contact Donna Peck with feedback, inquires, requests, please submit this form.