California: Happy Hollandaise

NAPA—Copia has come back to life in time for the holidays. Chefs at the Culinary Institute of America enlighten us on the important matters of life such as making pasta and tasting wine. Find your favorite sparkling wine in a blind tasting class with a Napa Valley vintner. Dine at the restaurant on the latest dishes from culinary academia. We learn best by ingesting, right? Celebration travelers embrace the lifestyle in Napa’s Oxbow district: the happening spot for food and wine entertainment.—Donna Peck

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  1. Thanks for this news about Copia. I read recently about a Copia happening and wondered if it had reopened. Glad to read they have. Loved the place and was sad when it closed. I look forward to visiting there again, and Oxbow, when I’m back in the Bay Area. Lovely website.

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