Ecuador: Galapagos Voyage

’’’After visiting the boobies and iguanas, you can sip champagne or anything you desire aboard the all-inclusive Celebrity Xpedition. On this voyage, you’ll share Darwin's wonder but not the Beagle's spartan … [Read more...]

Norway: Nights on Ice

In the land of eternal winter, wishing for the Northern Lights. See Adventure Cruising: Norway, a Celebration Traveler’s day-by-day guide. by Donna Peck People go to great lengths to experience the elusive, … [Read more...]

Borneo: Orangutans

Orangutans in the wild are a sight to behold. These marvelous apes, the closest living relatives to humans have safe havens in Borneo that belong on everyone's must-visit list. by Donna Peck Borneo’s rare animals, virgin … [Read more...]

Patagonia: The Sporting Life

The Atmosphere calls on ports in the middle of nowhere that appeal to lovers of the sporting life. If you can envision a more perfect day in the Patagonian fjords, tell the crew. They'll fly you wherever the ship's helicopter … [Read more...]

Papua New Guinea: Explorers’ Cruise

In a previous century, a sea voyage to this remote Pacific island would have secured your credentials in a private explorer's club. Today, the MV Orion sails to inaccessible areas with butlers and a full crew at your … [Read more...]

Peru: Amazon River Dance

No place on earth displays nature’s puckish ways better than the Amazon River. The MV Aqua chugs upriver from Iquitos to visit the madcap menagerie. At Pacaya Samiria Reserve, start clicking your camera. Pink dolphins, … [Read more...]