Celebration Traveler Guide: Europe

Hip Travel: England, Scotland

For the ultimate tour of England and Scotland, visit the Harry Potter film locations. Take a two-week vacation with the world's most popular fictional hero. Plan Your Trip.This day-by-day guide lists details on lodging, … [Read more...]

Adventure Cruising: Norway

The west coast of southern Norway and the coast of northern Norway are regarded as the cruise destinations of a lifetime. National Geographic listed the Norwegian fjords among the world’s top tourist attractions. Wild, … [Read more...]

Cycling Holidays: Italy

Italy’s alpine lakes offer cyclists much more than scenic rides. The lake shores are dotted with beach parks, resorts, villas, quaint villages and Italian towns settled in Roman times. Ferries provide easy access to bike … [Read more...]

Luxury Travel: Ireland

Ireland tourism thrives on the 80 million people worldwide who claim Irish ancestry, including 41 million Americans. This tour of southern Ireland includes poignant moments at the Rock of Cashel, Glendalough and Cobh. Other … [Read more...]

Grand Tour: Wales

 The Welsh preserve their language, music and hospitality as doggedly as they do their monuments. The castles evoke a faraway time. From village pub to country manor, visitors are welcomed with as much fanfare as a retinue of … [Read more...]