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If You Ever Crave a Hat

SAN FRANCISCO—Strangers stop my friend Kala in the street to admire her fancy headgear. “I love your hat. Where did you buy it?” they ask. You won’t find anything like it ready-made in a store. Each hat is her own … [Read more...]

California: Happy Hollandaise

NAPA—Copia has come back to life in time for the holidays. Chefs at the Culinary Institute of America enlighten us on the important matters of life such as making pasta and tasting wine. Find your favorite sparkling … [Read more...]

San Francisco: Light Years Away

During my mother’s monthlong visit, I was at my wits end scheduling activities. We had just spent a week in the land of palm trees, sea turtles and Pele’s steaming craters. When we arrived home, she knew I needed to … [Read more...]

San Francisco: Glimpse the Future in “The Nether”

The Nether now playing at San Francisco Playhouse, made me squirm and that’s why I recommend you go see it. People log in fourteen hours a day to the Nether, a future incarnation of the internet, or they log in permanently … [Read more...]

Ireland: Fifty Years On

Last year, when Aer Lingus, Ireland's national airline, introduced direct flights from San Francisco to Dublin, a travel seed was sown. We already had plans to go to England. Why not go to Ireland first, visit some old … [Read more...]

Napa Valley: Crystal Balls and Gazing Chairs

It takes a lot to trump Napa Valley wines, but for the past few years, resident artists have usurped the throne. Napa Valley’s annual Arts in April, a series of monthlong events, provides hard-to-come-by visits with busy … [Read more...]

Namibia: Vivid Encounters

We had made plans for a return trip to South Africa when I got the idea of stopping on the way in Namibia, a vast desert country in South West Africa that sounded intriguing from all I 'd read and heard. Originally the idea … [Read more...]

A Destination Wedding in the Nation’s Capital

WASHINGTON D.C. Guests flew in from around the U.S. and across the Pacific recently for my daughter’s wedding. I slept, the first night, on her fiancé’s sofa in his soon-to-be vacated bachelor apartment. The following … [Read more...]

“Dark Universe” Unraveled

People hardly take the time to wonder what’s going on in their neighborhood let alone out in the universe. Going to a planetarium changes that. Everyday concerns dissolve in the dimly lit, dome-shaped theater. The visuals pop … [Read more...]

Coming of age in “Amaluna”

SAN FRANCISCO Cirque du Soleil brings wonder and magic to the holiday season in its newest show, Amaluna. The acrobats and muscians masterfully convey a coming-of-age tale set on a mythic island. As stage lights come up, … [Read more...]